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TubeScan digital strobe

TubeScan digital strobe+

Counting and Completeness

100% print inspection to detect missing labels, matrix residues and coarse defects larger than approx. 5 mm

Your benefits:

  • No time-consuming sensor adjustments
  • No time-consuming sensor adjustments
  • Detection of missing labels, coarse print defects and matrix residues (defect size Ø approx. 5 mm)
  • Accurate counting of repeats, labels and missing labels for up to 20 lanes
  • Generation of a 24 volt defect signal to trigger an alarm or marking system
  • Optional placement control module with defect queue for automatic control of a rewinder

TubeScan digital strobe++

100% high-resolution print inspection

to detect fine print defects, splashes, register and color deviations, etc.

Your benefits – in addition to digital strobe+:

  • Detection of fine print defects, register defects and large color variations
  • Secondary inspection zones allow defining specific areas at higher or lower inspection tolerances
  • Automatic label contour detection
  • Masking function to ignore defined areas
  • Surface inspection
  • Job save function for repeat orders
  • Real-time display of the detected defects on HD monitor

Options TubeScan digital strobe++

  • Distance monitoring with up to 8 reference points
  • Validation of master image via PDF comparison
  • Generation of PDF roll reports
  • Dynamic roll map for the visualization of all defects in the current production roll
  • Snapshot recording at defined intervals
TubeScan models Length of housing
digital strobe 180 310 mm (12.2")
digital strobe 250 310 mm (12.2")
digital strobe 330 410 mm (16.1")
digital strobe 430 510 mm (20.1")
digital strobe 550 610 mm (24.0")
digital strobe 660 760 mm (29.9")
digital strobe 760 840 mm (33.0")
digital strobe 850 960 mm (37.8")
digital strobe 1100 1210 mm (47.6")