Applications | Nyquist Systems


TubeScan inspection technology is used in numerous applications such as

  • package printing
  • label printing
  • surface inspection of substrate materials

Besides these standard applications TubeScan is being used in many special or customized applications:

Special Applications

UV inspection for luminescent applications

  • Switch between standard white light inspection and UV inspection
  • Inspect luminescent areas such as coatings, adhesives, silicones
  • Inspect features printed with UV and fluorescent inks

Security print

Transparent labels on transparent or opaque liners

  • Use the special contour light to create an image contrast when producing transparent labels on clear or even white paper liners
  • Detect almost invisible missing labels and matrix residues, especially on blank labels
  • Switch between standard white light inspection 
  • and contour light inspection

Sleeves / tubes

Pinhole detection

  • Detect tiniest pinholes in aluminum foil and other opaque webs
  • Switch between direct white light illumination for standard print inspection and back light illumination for pinhole detection

Aluminum lids
Blister packs

Distance monitoring / position monitoring

  • Monitor the distance between die-line and print
  • Monitor the position of printed objects


Inspection of highly reflective materials

  • Use the adjustable backing bar (with optional idler rolls) for bright-field or dark-field inspection

Cold foil / hot foil applications